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About Me: Baking at the Treehouse Restaurant

Welcome to my cozy corner of culinary delight! I'm Melanie Deveer, a passionate baker and the proud owner of the Treehouse Restaurant bakery. Nestled in the heart of Nikiski, Alaska, my journey into the world of baking began as a heartfelt mission to spread joy, one delectable cake at a time.

A Family-Fueled Baking Adventure:

My story as a baker has its roots in the most cherished moments with my own family. With the laughter of my children echoing through our home, I discovered the artistry of baking. What started as a simple attempt to create magic in the kitchen soon blossomed into an enduring passion.

Nikiski's Natural Beauty in Every Bite:

Nikiski's breathtaking landscapes have left an indelible mark on my baking. Every cake that leaves the Treehouse Restaurant carries with it the essence of our remarkable surroundings. Whether it's the rustic charm of a woodland-themed cake or the freshness of flavors inspired by our pristine wilderness, I pour a piece of Nikiski's soul into every creation.

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